The Authentic Asian Store

Asians are quite popular because of their eateries. People are crazy about the flavours, Asians put together. There is no doubt that Asian food is gaining more and more popularity day by day. So, people try to find those exact flavours in their own country and often fail to achieve. So, we Korea Town has come to rescue. We have all the authentic Asian foods and items you were looking for. 

Korean Food:

Korean food is well-known for being delicious and healthy as well. Yes, although one might feel that the servings are quite huge and one may be unable to finish the entire serving because of the number of side dishes, it is not heavy on the stomach. So, naturally, people fall in love with Korean cuisine very easily. Kimchi is quite famous, and it is commonly eaten with almost every sort of food one may ask and the Korean barbeque is not lagging as well. So, all the items you need to prepare these delicious Korean foods are available at Korean Town Mart Mall. We have all the authentic stuff from Korea. 

Japanese food:

Everyone loves sushi and they enjoy it with soya sauce. Although it is quite a simple dish with simple sauce to combine with, it is something that burst with natural flavours of different elements in it and the bento box that with several servings of different foods in a single box. So, you might have enjoyed this flavour when you last visited Japan. So, our dear visitor, if you want to enjoy the authentic Japanese taste Korea Town is the place to be. With so many of the Asian items, we do have a separate Japanese store with all the Japanese items especially delivered from Japan. So, visit us and refresh your memories of Japan. You will enjoy your memories while you stand in our store. For more information about japanese shop in Melbourne please see this site.

Other Asian stores: 

If you have travelled to other Asian countries or belong to one of them, then we also have foods and items that are from your country. We have foods and other items that are delivered from Asian countries. We do not have the item made here in Australia. All our products are delivered with the essence of their respective places.

We Korea Town are happy to bring our customers real and authentic foods and items. Although we originally started from Korean foods and Korean cosmetics online, we saw the other Asians finding a memorable part of their place, hence we expanded our store’s capability and kept all the things you would find in Asia. With us with will have the best shopping experience, an experience that will take you back to your home country. We have the option to shop online as well if we are not available in your area.